First time travelling solo

As you might know from a previous blog post, last year I had my first experience of travelling solo on the west coast of Canada. I was angry and exhausted about my life and thought it was about time I started exploring our beautiful world - which I'd always wanted to do. I'd never been [...]

A whole lotta love

On a cold, grey, London day in January I felt stuck in time, and truly thought we would never break out of this thirty-one day hellhole that 2017 had blasted us into. Maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but I don't think so, those days just went on and on. Waking up on February 1st was [...]

Why modern dating sucks

Tinder? Bumble? Happn? The millennial dating world has been secluded to these digital dating platforms; full of swiping left and right, 'ghosting' and unsolicited dick-pics. We are now reliant on these apps to help us find relationships, dates and sex; giving our generation a platform to judge each other through a few of our best, [...]

A letter to 2017

I haven't written since August, no blogpost, no articles, no features. Even writing this feels slightly alien, maybe with every word it'll become more familiar. I'm not particularly sure why, I wrote so much prior to summer but somewhere in-between juggling a full time masters and a full time internship writing started becoming a chore, [...]

Women of Hollywood – Geena Davis

"If she can see it, she can be it." One of my wonderful lecturers from when I studied film introduced me properly to this brilliant lady. We watched the 1996 thriller The Long Kiss Goodnight during her 'Women on Screen' module where Geena Davis portrays a badass assassin/housewife. I knew she was an amazing actress, and a big presence [...]

Women of Hollywood – Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart appreciation post ahead. Warning: some vampire talk.  For some reason, the media and public have come to an agreement that this woman cannot act because a few years ago she played the lead in a very successful but apparently 'lame' franchise. Vampires and love isn't cool, so therefor Kristen Stewart isn't cool. She's the [...]