Life (2015): Review

"I lose myself in my roles, I don't want to lose myself in all this other stuff" When I found out that this movie was in the works, it felt like forever until the release date. I've always been fascinated by James Dean and his era, and within the last 18 months my love for Dane [...]

Orange is the New Black Season 4: Review

Last month Netflix blessed us once again with a brand new season of Orange is the New Black. SO many feelings, and here they are... Firstly, lets appreciate the characters; we have new ones, and we have old ones, which have either blossomed or developed into not-so-likeable ladies. Cindy's new bunk-mate Alison Abdullah is one [...]

How Hollywood is Failing to be Feminist

Failing miserably. So I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty sick of Hollywood regurgitating classic films. What's angering me ever more is when they decide to make the leading cast female, just to be like "Oh look! Look at us making movies with lots of women! Are you happy now?" No. Stage Door, [...]

The Fundamentals of Caring: Review

Okay Hollywood you NEED to make more movies like this please. A feel-good film that addresses a sensitive issue with respect and humour.  The Fundamentals of Caring will warm your heart and make you laugh and laugh and laugh again. This is the second American film so far this year centring around a man who is unable to live a [...]

The Forgotten Women of Westeros

And no not Daenerys et al. If you read my previous post you'll know how obsessed I am with Game of Thrones (I've got a hoody from Primark to prove it). I'm still hyping over the season six finale and I will probably, most definitely, be very emotional on Monday morning because there will be [...]