The Fundamentals of Caring: Review


Okay Hollywood you NEED to make more movies like this please.
A feel-good film that addresses a sensitive issue with respect and humour.  The Fundamentals of Caring will warm your heart and make you laugh and laugh and laugh again.

This is the second American film so far this year centring around a man who is unable to live a ‘normal’ lifestyle due to his disability. Those of you familiar with Me Before You, will know that critics hit hard on that film due to the representation of disabilities and a pretty shit ending.

The Fundamentals of Caring tells the story of a man who retires from his writing career after a personal tragedy. He decides to become a caregiver for a disabled teenager and this is where Paul Rudd meets Craig Roberts’ character, Trevor. The humour begins with their relationship. They bicker, laugh together and Rudd even assists him on the toilet – true friendship that is. After some convincing on Trevor’s part, the two characters decide to bite the bullet and go on a road trip together to see a really big cow and the largest pit in the world. It’s literally as ridiculous as it sounds but thats the point. Along this trip, Trevor meets a love interest (Selena Gomez), goes on his first ever date and finds out his dad is a big loser. The film beautifully portrays how individuals with disabilities can still find love, friendship and create memories through experiences.

I think the biggest problem with Me Before You was the characters end decision of suicide and his bitter attitude throughout the film. Rather than creating a positive awareness for living life with a disability, the film had a general attitude of – unless you can live a conventional lifestyle then whats the point?

The Fundamentals of Caring won’t disappoint. Well done to Netflix for producing a film which is a step in the right direction.




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