Orange is the New Black Season 4: Review


Last month Netflix blessed us once again with a brand new season of Orange is the New Black. SO many feelings, and here they are…

Firstly, lets appreciate the characters; we have new ones, and we have old ones, which have either blossomed or developed into not-so-likeable ladies. Cindy’s new bunk-mate Alison Abdullah is one of my favourite newcomers to Litchfield. I enjoy the bickering and their need to split the bunk in half because of their religious differences. However, when it comes down to it, they’re both criminals who are up to mischief in the prison and they can work together regardless of which God they worship. I was also fascinated by Lolly’s character. Last season didn’t give us a grasp on what she was about, however, throughout season 4 I’ve fallen in love with her! The way she has led us to learn about an important aspect of Mr Healy’s life is brilliant. Her dialogue is hilarious and the character raises awareness of mental illness. OITNB incorporates social issues very adequately throughout the whole programme. Last season we witnessed the rape of an inmate by a guard and a trans woman’s hormone treatment being taken away. These narratives create discussion, which is so important, and I love it. One of my favourite aspects of OITNB – and I’m sure everyone will agree – is the background stories we get to see of who the characters were before prison life, and how they managed to end up in those orange overalls. We were lucky to see quite a few this season but my favourite HAS to be Suzanne’s (Crazy Eyes) story. Uzo Aduba is an extraordinary actress and the way that she portrays this character has always led to my heart melting. She’s a misunderstood woman, full of love and excitement. It’s great how the writers have stuck to continuously developing all of the characters on the show, rather than making everything about Piper, because lets not kid ourselves – we all hate her.

I have to be honest, I really didn’t enjoy season 3. Sure, Ruby Rose and her whole sexual presence was exciting but the storylines were pretty bland and the ending was shocking. A load of women jumping around in a lake is just not a season finale. So, understandably, I was apprehensive when season 4 arrived. However, the influx of new characters created better storylines for the co-exhesting ones, and I was swept off of my feet again. Half way through the season I even found myself feeling a little bit sorry for Piper!
The most prominent storyline, and one which has had an affect on everything and everyone in Litchfield Penitentiary is the arrival of the devil himself – Desi Piscatella – and his posse. He’s white, he’s a man and he’s militant; thats exactly what you want in a multicultural women’s prison. Some of the most shocking events which occurred this season (you know the one) have revolved around  ‘the new guards’ narrative. The writers have skilfully incorporated an external influence into the prison to stir everything up, more so than it already was. They have also effectively made sure that there weren’t too many storylines, or any standalone plots. Everything tied in well together and I’m glad that my preyers were answered and they slowly weeded out that ‘ladies panties selling’ storyline.

All in all, I really enjoyed season 4. It was the perfect blend of humour and drama. I’m gutted I watched it so quickly but I’ll never learn. I do have some burning questions/statements though…

Whats going to happen to Sophia now?

PLEASE don’t tell me Daya has shot that idiot.

But why do you tease us with Ruby Rose for 20 seconds?

Everyone must smother Soso with love.

Where the fuck is John Bennett?

What the hell is going on with Red’s eye makeup?


Let me know what you thought of the latest season of Orange is the New Black!






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