Suicide Squad: Review

Such an overdue post but I've finally found the time to sit down and write a review on Suicide Squad. I went to see it again yesterday to refresh my mind and outlook on the film. I have LOTS of opinions but I'll try not to rant on and on - probably will though. Lets kick off with [...]

Tallulah: Review

Netflix are back at it, producing content that keeps us up until 3am. First The Fundamentals of Caring,  then Stranger Things, and now Tallulah - starring one of my favourite actresses, Ellen Page. Tallulah is a refreshing little gem of a film; looking at the realities of motherhood, broken families and the concept of 'mum shaming'. This film stands out due to the graceful [...]

Finding Dory: Review

Yes, I'm almost 22 and I most definitely went to see Finding Dory the day it hit cinemas in the UK. I tell people I took my little sister to see it, but she actually took me. The development of animation is 100% evident in this movie, especially when looking at how it emphasises humour. Disney Pixar [...]

Blue Valentine: Review

"Come on baby, we're going to the future"  An utterly heartbreaking movie. Raw, honest and relatable. It's not easy to watch but it's a must see. Usually in cinema we're shown the beginning of a relationship and the end; the honeymoon stage and the messy breakup. Rarely do we see the part just before the end, when everything [...]