Blue Valentine: Review


“Come on baby, we’re going to the future” 

An utterly heartbreaking movie. Raw, honest and relatable. It’s not easy to watch but it’s a must see.

Usually in cinema we’re shown the beginning of a relationship and the end; the honeymoon stage and the messy breakup. Rarely do we see the part just before the end, when everything is stale and the atmosphere is unfamiliar. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams tear up the screen. Their performances and the three dimensional characters they portray are outstanding. Not only do we become empathetic towards them, but also ourselves.

We’re introduced to Dean and Cindy during a morning rush. Dean is goofing around with their young daughter, Frankie, while Cindy is in a flustered rush, grumpy and unimpressed by her husbands humour. Her physical and emotional exhaustion is hard to ignore. Dean senses that their marriage needs some excitement and books a night at “The Future Room” – just a regular room with a pornographic, Star Wars spin to it. While in this room, we experience a distressing sex scene between the married couple. This is the first time we physically see the state of their relationship. The film continues to become harder and harder to watch.

Gosling and Williams are painfully convincing as a couple. The narrative is well paced with juxtaposing scenes. While watching them fall out of love in one frame, we also experience them falling in love in another. They meet at a retirement home where Dean is working and Cindy is visiting her grandmother. She has ambitions and hopes for the future while Dean drinks alcohol at 8am and takes every day as it comes; something which plummets their marriage into the ground. All those years later, Dean is doing the same thing as he was when they first met, whereas Cindy is developing within her career and life. From one frame to another we watch them grow apart.


A love story which hasn’t been told before; this film will bruise you and there is no way to prepare for it. Enjoy.


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