Suicide Squad: Review


Such an overdue post but I’ve finally found the time to sit down and write a review on Suicide Squad. I went to see it again yesterday to refresh my mind and outlook on the film. I have LOTS of opinions but I’ll try not to rant on and on – probably will though.

Lets kick off with the good stuff. I enjoyed most of the characters. The Squad have never before been portrayed on the big screen so it was thrilling to see how the actors developed these personas within the DC Cinematic Universe. Margot Robbie’s depiction of Harley Quinn was sublime. She was spot on with the comics by being sexy, funny and crazy all at once. The dynamic between her and Deadshot was canny and entertaining to watch and Deadshot (kind of) comes across as the lead in this movie. Whether this is because its Will Smith, and a movie starring Will Smith is usually, always a Will Smith movie (think I just invented a Will Smith tongue twister) I don’t know, but his moments on screen, his wisdom and jokes make sense. The character creates a sense of humanity within the narrative which is adequately done though the back story where we see the relationship between him and his daughter. During this back story – as well as Harley’s and The Jokers – Ben Affleck rocks up in the bat suit ready to fuck these villains up, and he succeeds.

I won’t go into every single member of The Squad but I loved watching Jai Courtney’s character. A nutty Aussie who’s good with his boomerang. Captain Boomerangs jokes are funny and his restless and aggressive energy contrast well with this humour. Slipknot is on screen for two minutes and Killer Croc has two lines, so there’s not overly much to comment on there. Diablo was also one of my favourites, the story of his family is tragic and the build up of the return of his power is intense.


Now lets talk about this guy; The Jester of Genocide, Mr. J, The Joker. God bless Jared Leto, he is a exceptional actor who poured his heart and soul into this masochist, malleable mad man. With no surprise, so much controversy has surrounded this illustration of The Joker. Not everybody is going to like it, I did. Honestly, after the first viewing of the movie I wasn’t too sure. Some of his scenes made me uncomfortable and I wasn’t really into the whole gangster/daddy thing. BUT I’ve definitely come around. I’m gutted that so much of his footage was deleted and the scenes which were included were not strong Joker moments, for example, where was the classic Joker interrogation scene? His storyline was a wildcard that revolved around helping Harley to escape her imprisonment; Warner Brother stated that their relationship was portrayed romantic rather than abusive because of the fear of audience reaction. The Joker isn’t part of the Suicide Squad, so I accept why he didn’t feature as much in the movie, however, lets all hold hands and pray that there will be a Joker extended cut and a Joker/Harley origin movie. Mad Love?


So I’ve started to get into the cons already but here’s what I really didn’t like about this movie. The ABOMINATION that is the plot and editing. Firstly, David Ayer was given six weeks to write the script, this is nowhere near long enough. There are ridiculous amounts of missing scenes and reshoots which create the feeling of a puzzle being put together in all the wrong places – considerably noticeable in the third act. It is poor story telling, which is incoherent and inconsistent. I would rather have waited an extra six months for a better film. After the debut of the first Suicide Squad trailer from Comic-Con the world was so excited for this movie. It was sinister and it was dark, this is the film that I wanted to see. However, the final cut of the film is actually very lighthearted. I don’t mind a few jokes but this isn’t a Marvel movie – even they push it with the one-liners. Did the publics reaction to Batman Vs Superman make Warner Brothers nervous, therefor resulting in mass reshoots and messy editing? Probably. Frames would jump from one to the other with not much sense as to why, revoking any form of balance. A lot of the time, it feels as if you’re watching a montage or a music video. This brings me onto the soundtrack. Why, oh why is Eminem and ‘Spirit in the Sky’ featured in the same film? Absolute nonsense.

And for my grand final moan, SPOILER ALERT, Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress is the antagonist who the Suicide Squad have been sent to fight. Im not a fan of Cara Delevingne’s acting and I’m not fan of her character either. But more importantly, if you didn’t know, Enchantress is a powerful witch who has the ability to destroy the world, why has the government sent a wacky girl in hot pants that can hit you really hard with a bat, a guy that throws boomerangs and a crocodile to defeat her?

All in all, I wouldn’t say watching this film is a waste of time but I’m not interested in any more Suicide Squad adaptations. Give me The Joker and Harley Quinn please.

What did you think of Suicide Squad? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know!




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