Bridget Jones’s Baby: Review


Happy FORTY-THIRD Birthday to you! Yep, thats right, Bridget is 43, single and eating birthday cupcakes on her Jone’s; but thats not all that’s cooking in the oven…

I adored this film. When I first heard about the plot I thought “oh dear, that is going to be terrible”, and it was absolutely bonkers, but Bridget Jones is bonkers, so it works. You will be enthralled and swept off of your feet by two silver foxes – the famous Mr Darcy and a sexy, yoga-obsessed American. The bubbly brit is back and she’s fumbles and consumes even more wine that before – until she gets pregnant (spoiler alert). Bridget is just as relatable in this comeback movie as she was in the original stories. I refuse to believe that there is any woman out there who cannot relate to her; she is the epitome of a loveable fuck up. A free soul plodding along trying to find her prince, failing to notice that her mini skirt is tucked into her spotty knickers.

The plot begins with Bridget’s close friend and colleague, Miranda, attempting to spice up Bridget’s sex life. Miranda takes her to a music festival where she meets potential daddy number one; sexy yoga America man. Ed Sheeran also turns up on the scene. A few days after the steamy encounter in a teepee, Bridget falls into bed with Mr Darcy – who is as grumpy but charming as ever (potential daddy number two). The plot unwinds as the three characters struggle through the long wait of discovering who the biological father is. Although, heated and melodramatic at times, Bridget Jones’s Baby is still fuelled by British wit and Renee Zellweger’s charm and flair of depicting this iconic female character. All the supporting roles are hilarious and contribute to the resurrection of this classic British rom-com, in particular Bridget’s new boss; a hipster with an attitude who “drinks cocktails from a jar”.

Regardless of a few modern details within the movie, the aesthetic still remained as an early 2000 portrayal of London; grey sky’s, Bridget’s small dusty apartment, nostalgic soundtrack. Perfection.

I love a British rom-com! What did you think of the new Bridget Jones? 



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