My Top 4 Marilyn Monroe Movies

1. Bus Stop (1956)  This hillbilly love story follows rodeo cowboy, Bo (Don Murray) and showgirl Cherie (Marilyn Monroe) as Bo performs an ungentlemanly attempt to make Cherie his wife. The narrative focuses on the physicality of love, lust and attraction as we watch Bo hurl himself around like a pubescent country boy with the desperate need of a lady’s attention. He [...]

Why ‘Before the Flood’ is the Most Important Documentary You Will Watch in 2016

So, I saw this incredible documentary at its European premier last month at the BFI London Film Festival and Mr. DiCaprio was there (eek!). It's a must see for everyone - emphasis on everyone. There is no target audience. As long as you're old enough to understand that our planet is beautiful and us human beings will [...]