Taboo: First Episode Review

Episode one of Tom Hardy's Taboo aired Saturday night on BBC One; it's marvellous, gothic and just the right amount of supernatural. James Keziah Delaney is portrayed by Tom Hardy - an adventurer full of dark truths and secrets. The death of his father has brought James back from Africa where he himself was presumed to have [...]

Orange is the New Black Season 4: Review

Last month Netflix blessed us once again with a brand new season of Orange is the New Black. SO many feelings, and here they are... Firstly, lets appreciate the characters; we have new ones, and we have old ones, which have either blossomed or developed into not-so-likeable ladies. Cindy's new bunk-mate Alison Abdullah is one [...]

The Forgotten Women of Westeros

And no not Daenerys et al. If you read my previous post you'll know how obsessed I am with Game of Thrones (I've got a hoody from Primark to prove it). I'm still hyping over the season six finale and I will probably, most definitely, be very emotional on Monday morning because there will be [...]