T2: Trainspotting

"We're all in a box just waiting for the lid to come down" - Begbie The likely lads are back. T2: Trainspotting is finally here and its been perfectly sculpted to give us just the right amount of nostalgia. Trainspotting is in my top five favourite films ever. I wrote about it three or four times during my time [...]

Manchester By The Sea: Men and Grief 

Last night I lay awake until midnight watching Manchester By The Sea, a wise choice of movie, poor choice in time. This film will stay with you just as it stayed with me until 3am. Grief is an inevitable part of all of our lives and in Manchester By The Sea, protagonist Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is given his fair share of lost loves. [...]

Moonlight: Review

Moonlight dwells on a narrative that society has been in need of for a long time now. Barry Jenkins has elegantly constructed a coming of age drama which is universal but very much about the black experience. The movie opens with a drug deal on the streets of Miami where Moonlight is set, this may at first throw an audience off. [...]

Taboo: First Episode Review

Episode one of Tom Hardy's Taboo aired Saturday night on BBC One; it's marvellous, gothic and just the right amount of supernatural. James Keziah Delaney is portrayed by Tom Hardy - an adventurer full of dark truths and secrets. The death of his father has brought James back from Africa where he himself was presumed to have [...]

My Top 4 Marilyn Monroe Movies

1. Bus Stop (1956)  This hillbilly love story follows rodeo cowboy, Bo (Don Murray) and showgirl Cherie (Marilyn Monroe) as Bo performs an ungentlemanly attempt to make Cherie his wife. The narrative focuses on the physicality of love, lust and attraction as we watch Bo hurl himself around like a pubescent country boy with the desperate need of a lady’s attention. He [...]

Why ‘Before the Flood’ is the Most Important Documentary You Will Watch in 2016

So, I saw this incredible documentary at its European premier last month at the BFI London Film Festival and Mr. DiCaprio was there (eek!). It's a must see for everyone - emphasis on everyone. There is no target audience. As long as you're old enough to understand that our planet is beautiful and us human beings will [...]

A Dark Song: Review (BFI London Film Festival)

Irish film director Liam Gavin debuted his new horror, A Dark Song, at the BFI London Film Festival. If you're a big horror fan or you're just feeling a little bit daring this halloween, A Dark Song is one to check out. Sophia (Catherine Walker) has lost her son and is determined to make contact with him through the darkest [...]