Did I choose the wrong degree?

It's been six months since I graduated. Sometimes I completely forget that university was a thing that I did, but I had a little reminder recently and thought to myself 'boy was that a long ride...' I studied at uni for four years in total; a three year undergraduate degree in Film and Creative Writing [...]

Moonlight: Review

Moonlight dwells on a narrative that society has been in need of for a long time now. Barry Jenkins has elegantly constructed a coming of age drama which is universal but very much about the black experience. The movie opens with a drug deal on the streets of Miami where Moonlight is set, this may at first throw an audience off. [...]

FEST Film Festival

So I thought I would kickstart the blog with a post about my time at FEST film festival last week! I'm looking like a gone-off tomato right now from being too cocky and not putting suncream on my face but I'm also feeling incredibly inspired from the whole experience and need to share with world [...]